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Study Shows Use of Prevena™ Incision Management System on Cesarean Incisions Significantly Decreased Infectious Morbidity

Released : 13 Temmuz 2015

SAN ANTONIO, July 13, 2015 — Acelity, a global wound care and regenerative medicine company, announced today that a recent study published in The Journal of Reproductive Medicine concluded that application of Prevena Incision Management System to a primarily closed cesarean incision at time of surgery significantly decreased both deep and superficial infectious morbidity following the cesarean section.

Despite significantly higher overall burden of risk factors for postoperative complications, the Prevena Therapy group showed a significantly lower rate (21.0% vs. 6.4%, p=0.0007) of overall postoperative infection and wound complications. The Prevena Therapy group also demonstrated statistically significant reductions, specifically in wound infections, endometritis, and all wound complications. The rate of isolated wound separation between the two groups was not statistically significant (3.8% vs. 2.7%, p=0.754) and was likely due to the low rate of isolated wound separations. There were no reported adverse events associated with use of the Prevena Incision Management System in the study.

“These results are important to the many women who undergo cesarean sections and are at risk of infection and complication and demonstrate the evolving standards of care when it comes to helping women heal from these operations,” said first author, Sara H. Swift, M.D., OB/GYN, Bellin Health Generations, Wisconsin. “The healing of the incision is vitally important in a population of patients who need to care for infants after a major abdominal surgery.”

“This study shows the important role Prevena Therapy can have in cesarean sections – one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the U.S.,” said Ron Silverman, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Acelity. “This study adds to the growing body of evidence demonstrating reduced post operative wound complications in specific patient populations and reinforces Acelity’s industry-leading position in closed incision management and wound care overall.”

The study, published in The Journal of Reproductive Medicine, looked at a historical control cohort of 209 women as part of a quality improvement project during a six-month period. All women with at least one risk factor for postoperative complications were included in this control cohort. An intervention cohort of 110 women with at least one risk factor for postoperative complications was eligible to have a single-use negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system placed at the time of cesarean delivery. Primary outcomes were wound/ infectious morbidity, including any surgical site infection (deep or superficial) as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or wound separation without infection.

The Prevena Incision Management System is the first powered negative pressure product designed specifically for management of closed surgical incisions that continue to drain following sutured or stapled closure. The Prevena System covers and protects the incision from external contamination, while negative pressure removes fluid and infectious material. The Prevena System has been evaluated clinically in a number of other surgeries at risk of complications, such as post-sternotomy, orthopedic and vascular groin incisions, all with positive clinical outcomes.*

To view the complete study, “Effect of Single-Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy on Postcesarean Infections and Wound Complications for High-Risk Patients” by Sara H. Swift, et al published in The Journal of Reproductive Medicine, please visit: http://www.reproductivemedicine.com/toc/auto_abstract.php?id=24297.

This study was supported by a grant from Acelity.

*Bibliography available on request.


About Acelity

Acelity is a global wound care and regenerative medicine company created by uniting the strengths of three companies, Kinetic Concepts, Inc., LifeCell Corporation and Systagenix Wound Management, Limited. We are committed to advancing the science of healing and restoring people’s lives. Available in more than 75 countries, the innovative and complementary Acelity product portfolio delivers value through solutions that speed healing and lead the industry in quality, safety and customer experience. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Acelity employs more than 5,500 people around the world. We believe in enabling better futures for everyone. Please visit acelity.com.


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